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Our Patron : Duncan Armstrong

Hello Everyone,

Duncan Armstrong

It gives me great pleasure to be part of BGK as your patron. Thanks to the efforts of Brian Littleford and Eunice I became aware of the BGK just a few years ago and was very flattered to be invited to be the patron of such a dedicated and sincere group of people. Thank you again for allowing me to represent you all.

My story is pretty similar Iím sure to a lot of people. My Ďfaulty plumbingí was operated on at an early age and I learned to adjust my lifestyle around my new relationship with the toilet. For me I didnít really feel any different from anyone else I simply had special rules to learn about foods, eating times, and number of trips to the toilet. From the age of two or three up until I was around 24 I had to be very disciplined about what I ate, when I ate it and how far from a toilet I was at all times. This sounds very difficult but really it was just the way I was, I canít really remember being sad about it or missing anything. I just had to stay on top of it. Sure there were the all-day toilet workouts, and the unbelievable painful gas days, and the embarrassing Ďbum-trumpetí moments. But that was just part of who I was, I was special and sometimes being special means you work a bit harder than everyone else. This is also has the effect that you seem to enjoy the simple things a little more than if you didnít have such a specialty in your life.

Iíve never felt that Hirschsprungís ever really held me back from parts of my life in which I really wanted to succeed. I set my heart on competing for Australia at around the age of 15, so my training in the swimming pool exploded with intensity. This also brought on plenty of explosions of another kind! Intense training really upset my bowel and for the first year or so of hard swimming I almost had to re-educate my body to cope. Many times Iíd be halfway through a great training session only to end up spending the next two hours in the poolís toilet while all my friends and training squad were finished and long gone home. My body took a great deal of time to adjust to intense training, Iíd fall sick and lose important weight at crucial times because my bowel couldnít take the training regime. But slowly over time and with great patience I found the foods that work best, a supplement routine that supported me, and training times that helped me cope. I never gave up trying to find the rhythm for which my bowel could work at its best. Sometimes I would make some BIG mistakes and pay for it, but slowly over time I worked through the misfires and found what best suited me. This allowed me to chase and achieve my dream of wearing the Green and Gold at the Olympics.

These days Iím blessed with 3 beautiful children and wonderful wife named Rebecca. All three children produce nice healthy poos, and we all know how important that is. As I said earlier from about the age of 24 when I retired from swimming my health has been mostly normal. I go to the toilet twice a day everyday and will probably enjoy this routine for the rest of my life, everything else in my life in incredibly normal.

I know there are families reading this who have a child or family member doing it a great deal tougher than I had it with my Hirschsprungís. Iíd like to encourage all of you to keep searching for the right Ďlife rhythmí that will empower your lives. I believe thereís an individual lifestyle out there for all of us to cope with our bodies and to achieve what we want in this life. Donít be afraid to get connected with doctors, hospitals, other parents, online, and through BGK. The more information you can obtain the better the decisions you make for your family.

Iím looking forward to working with everyone at BGK and responding to the challenge of raising the publicís awareness of The Bowl Group for Kids.

Warmest regards,

Duncan Armstrong.


Duncan Armstrong

Olympian, sports presenter, public speaker - Duncan Armstrong is all these things and more.

Duncan approaches everything with the same zestful attitude - the very one that helped him win gold at the Seoul Olympics ... and has inspired countless others to achieve their highest corporate and personal goals.

Raised in the Central Queensland town of Rockhampton, Duncan Armstrong rose to national and international fame at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 when he broke the world record to win the Gold medal in the 200 metres freestyle.

Duncan formed a winning relationship with madcap coach Laurie Lawrence which spanned 10 years, collecting Gold at the Commonwealth Games, Pan Pacific Championships and numerous national and international competitions.

During his stellar career Duncan also won a host of honours out of the water, including Young Australian of the Year and an Order of Australia Medal.

After representing Australia at two Olympic Games, Duncan retired from the pool in 1993 to pursue a career in media and corporate coaching. Duncan is currently contracted with Fox Sports and presents all their swimming coverage, as well as hosts Fox Sports Central on Sundays. Athens 2004 was Duncan's third Olympics as a commentator, where he brought all the action from poolside with Radio 2GB.

"Success doesn't just happen - you have to work hard for it" says Duncan. "My career in swimming taught me that success is a process." Duncan applies his success-oriented attitude to all areas in his life. And it is this same attitude, coupled with his enthusiasm and zest, which enables Duncan to inspire people of all ages and professions to strive to achieve their own personal success.

"People have to learn how to succeed," Duncan says. "Part of my job is to teach them."

"Success is a process. You learn how to achieve - and then make it happen." Duncan Armstrong

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