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Membership to the Bowel Group for Kids
Membership to the Bowel Group for Kids

Membership to The Bowel Group for Kids

The BGK provides the strategies and support to assist in improving the quality of life for young people living with a congenital bowel disorder.

If you join the BGK you will be able to access the world of BGK, some of which includes;

Members Events

  • BGK conferences held in Sydney and video-linked to other states
  • Annual BGK events and social activities, state based
  • Networking support from experienced families caring for a child with Hirschsprung’s disease or anorectal malformation (imperforate anus).
  • Some parents with the condition themselves are now sharing their experiences and those of their children.
  • Fundraising through Everyday Hero

Online access to a wide range of intellectual property, some of these are listed below:

  • Access to members.
  • Access to a diverse bank of practical articles produced locally to support children born with these conditions.
  • Access to private Facebook site for parents/carers and clinicians
  • Access to private Faceboook site for young people with the condition
  • Information packs for schools
  • Living with Hirschsprung’s disease handbook
  • Latest medical research
  • Online newsletters



Membership Fees

Membership Fees are kept to a minimum to cover the cost of the newsletter. They are payable on joining and annually thereafter. The BGK is manned totally by volunteers.

Standard Membership : $40.00 (AUD)
(Families, Parents etc.)

Professional Membership : $60.00 (AUD)
(Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Professionals etc.)

Donation for the Bowel Group for Kids
Soon you will be able to make a donation to BGK via our new Donations page but we are still finalising it.



Membership Form

  • Fill in Membership form below
  • Payment is via PayPal or one-off credit card through PayPal
  • Once automatic payment is processed you will receive an email with your login and password to access the members only area of the BGK.

BGK Membership Application Form

Personal Information

* Your Full Name :

Spouse/Partners Full Name :

* Address :

* Suburb :

* State :

* Postcode :

* Country :

Phone Number :

* Email Address :

Affected Individual's Information

Affected Individual's Name :

* Affected Individual is :
  Other :
* Affected Indivdual's Main Diagnosis :

Affected Indivdual's Additional Diagnoses :

* Affected Indivdual's Date Of Birth :

* Affected Indivdual's Gender :

Affected Indivdual's Surgeon :

Affected Individual's Medical History

The Medical History are not fields required to become a member of BGK, but by filling them in can help us to better
support you and your child through your membership here. Click Here to Show/Hide the Medical History fields.

Misc Membership Information

Volunteer Opportunities
The BGK is run totally by the dedication of its volunteers. If you would like to contribute your time, talent or skills to the BGK, please indicate which of the following is of interest to you.

Supporting the BGK State Representatives
Other :

Skill sets/occupation that could support the BGK :

* How did you hear about the BGK? :

Would you like for other BGK Members to be able to contact you?
(BGK Members are able to connect with other BGK members via the website. If you tick this box, you are agreeing
to include yourself in the system to be found and contacted via email by other members.
Only your first name, state/country, age range of child and thier condition, will be accessible by other members,
if a member wishes to contact you, you will be sent an request via the website to respond if you wish to do so.)

* Type of Membership :

Additional Donation Amount :
$ (Numbers Only)
Please Note : Tax deductible donations to the BGK are always extremely appreciated, we simply include this field in the form
in case you would like to add a little bit extra on top of your membership fee as a donation.

* Select your Method of Payment :

In order to participate in our private, members-only activities, you must agree to the following: 1) I have read and agree to abide by the BGK Terms and Conditions; and 2) I agree to respect the privacy of other BGK members. I will not disclose any information shared with me by another member without that member's specific permission to do so. This information includes anything shared on the private BGK Facebook , on a member's profile page, and/or in the BGK newsletters; 'Segments'.

* I AGREE to statements 1 & 2 above.

* Required Fields


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